The Crew




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 The crew consists of Diane (my wife/ Admiral), myself, and the girls, (Isa and Matillda). We are in our early fifties. Diane is retired from a hair and nail business, which she owned for 23 years. I am almost retired (December 05),from the construction/security business for 30 years.

    We decided we should live the dream, and not wait till we were too old to enjoy it. But after Diane was diagnosed with Lupus and MS, the time table gained speed, and we decided it was time.

   We have the dream, the boat, the will, and the journey has started. We just don't really have a destination, YET 

  Hopefully you will enjoy our trials, tribulations and adventures!!!!

The Boat

             S/V JusDreaming

The boat is a Jeanneau-TPI built Lagoon 37, with a 20'6" beam, and a 3'6" draft. She was built in 1995 in Rhode Island by TPI. She carries 832 s/f of sail and has two 18 horse Perkins engines. We carry 52 gallons of fuel and 100 gallons of water, yet she only displaces 11,800 lbs.

She is quick comfortable and easy to sail.




The Search Ends

    After trips to the Abacos, BVI, and Australia, trying different boats, we had decided on a catamaran as the best boat for our needs.  Seemed that a PDQ 36 LRC was our choice of manufacturer and style. I prefered diesel engines, so the LRC was it. We searched the Internet, we drove to look at many boats, none of them just, felt right.But the best move was to hook up with Phil Berman at Multihulls to be our buyer’s broker.


   We had arranged a trip to Annapolis to meet Phil, and look at some more boats. On our first meeting with him, Diane determined she liked and trusted him. She does not give her trust easily. In the process of looking at a PDQ. We had to cross a couple of other boats, and as we were crossing some boats to get to the PDQ, we both paused and said, “This is a nice boat we're crossing” it just had the feel everyone had told us we would feel when we found the right one. It was a 1995 Jeanneau-TPI Lagoon 37.